Case Studies

Read how ioKinetic has reduced process safety risk, maintained compliance and substantially increased peace of mind for our clients worldwide.

Risk Assessments of Refinery Units

A large Canadian Refinery is performing risk assessments to identify personnel, environmental, and operational hazards. This work is being done on a planned schedule with a different unit being reviewed annually. The challenge was to use Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) methodologies that provide an effective analysis appropriate to the unit to be studied and the potential hazards. Read more

Process Safety Management Quality Audits

A major pulp and paper manufacturing company in Mississippi determined that its process safety management (PSM) program had to do more than merely follow OSHA regulations; they wanted it to also be effective in preventing accidents. Traditional audit programs examine documentation and procedures; however, they do little to evaluate the program quality or effectiveness. Accidents can still happen even if PSM procedures meet OSHA and EPA requirements. Read more

Process Hazard Analysis of Batch Alcohol Processes

An international personal products manufacturer needed to complete hazard analyses of their alcohol processes to meet regulatory and company requirements. The Process Hazard Analyses could not be completed until all necessary process safety information was compiled. Read more

Reactivity and Process Safety Support for Pharmaceutical Pilot Plant

An international pharmaceutical company had an aggressive schedule for new product development and needed technical support with respect to chemical reactivity testing and process safety in their pilot plant. Read more