Process Safety Training

ioKinetic gives you clear and practical recommendations on how to protect your profits, reduce episodic incidents and comply with safety regulations and company standards. Our instructors are well known for the depth of their experience and their strong academic and operating backgrounds. They have in-depth knowledge of new industry regulations and requirements so your team stays up-to-date.


ioKinetic training will help you develop and implement cost effective best practices in your organization. Upon completion of training, learners receive certification and CEU or PDH continuing education credits. Unless otherwise stated, all ioKinetic instructors leading in-person, virtual or online training have no proprietary interest in products or services used in the training.


Sample Courses

Chemical Reactivity Management

This course will explain how to select appropriate methodologies, identify potential reactive hazards and analyze test data in order to take appropriate safety measures.

Combustible Dust - The Basics

This workshop will introduce the methods of identifying, quantifying, protecting against, and mitigating combustible dust hazards.

PHA and DHA Leader Training

This course will help you understand the essentials of leading PHAs using popular methodologies including HAZOP, What-If, Checklist, FMEA, and dust hazard analysis (DHA) concepts and requirements.

SuperChems Hands On Training

This course will help you master techniques for addressing relief sizing for various scenarios, relief piping system design, flare header modeling and consequence modeling, as well as overviews of the SuperChems interface and its models.

Understanding Combustible Dust and Deflagration Vent Sizing

This course will take you from the first realization that you may have a combustible dust hazard to the steps necessary to prevent and reduce the risks.