Identify unknown hazards with chemical reactivity testing from ioKinetic

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Discover the risks associated with handling a combustible dust with ioKinetic

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Why Choose ioKinetic

We are an ISO accredited, ultramodern testing facility that can assist in minimizing operational risks. Our experienced professionals will help you define what you need, conduct the testing, interpret the data, and conduct detailed analysis. All with the goal of helping you identify your hazards, define and control your risk.

ILAC-MRA and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 ANAB

Our Services


Chemical Reactivity Testing Chemical Reactivity
Our testing can help you define the chemical reaction hazards associated and the undecided reaction. Learn More

Combustible Dust Testing Combustible Dust
Our testing can help you understand the hazards, and ultimately the risks, associated with the dust being handled. Learn More

Flammability Testing Flammability
Our testing can help you understand the hazards, and the risks, associated with flammable liquids and vapors. Learn More


Physical Properties Measurement Physical Properties
We know first-hand the importance of accurate physical and chemical properties. We are first-hand users of this data. Learn More

Process Safety Services Process
Safety Services
Our experienced consultants have the technical expertise to help you identify, characterize, and reduce risk. Learn More

Specialized Testing Services Specialized Testing
Our highly trained chemists produce results, tailoring specialized testing to meet your specific requirements. Learn More

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What Our Clients Say

“We needed the analysis to see if we needed a dust collection system and your team was recommended. The results of the analysis were representative of the best example of value added on this project.”
“Impressed by the speed of work and there was nothing at all the team could have done differently or better during this project.”
“This was my first time leading/coordinating a PHA and was intimidated. I asked my colleagues for suggestions — they said 'the first thing you do is hire ioKinetic'. And that is what I did. And glad I did! It was the right first step.”
“Established good working relationship with ioKinetic prior to our PHA revalidation; ioKinetic did a good job keeping the revalidation on track and kept the process engaging.”
“Competitor will just run tests — ioKinetic goes one step further by providing knowledge and guidance needed. As a small company we did not know what we needed and ioKinetic provided this additional step/service and helped us understand ‘our’ needs. We did not get that from their competitor.”
“ioKinetic is the BEST! Not only would I rehire — I would recommend that we only hire ioKinetic. I cannot stress enough the value of client relationship and the guidance, and providing it in a friendly, caring and understanding manner. Competitor would not (and have not) gone the extra mile.”
“Most folks are not knowledgeable on feed mill applications; it did not take long for ioKinetic to grasp what we were looking for. This was VERY helpful.”
“ioKinetic was quick to respond to our needs.”
"Ability to understand our needs and design a test plan was great!"
"Excellent service all the way around from start to finish. Keep up the GREAT work!"
"I have always received good service from the ioKinetic. Timing and quality have always met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner."
“With their extensive knowledge and experience with combustible dust characteristics, they saved us from running unnecessary tests. And could us well on ‘next steps’. ioKinetic is more thorough than their competitors. We got more for the money invested in our project!"

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