Test Plan Design

It’s easy to miss something if you’re not looking for it. Therefore proactive planning makes sense. ioKinetic provides both chemical reactivity testing and combustible dust testing to assist in reducing hazards that may have gone uncovered and help you comply with regulatory standards.

Chemical Reactivity Testing

Chemical reactivity testing evaluates hazard potential in processing reactive materials. Testing can help you define the chemical reaction hazards associated with expected and undesired reactions like decomposition. This data is often used to meet process safety management (PSM) regulatory requirements such as reactivity data and safe upper and lower limits, fine-tune process specifications, and complete pressure relief system (PRS) design. 

Chemical reactivity testing is completed using calorimeters. Safe design and operation of chemical processes requires a thorough understanding of chemical reactivity and thermokinetics. Development of this understanding in an efficient, cost-effective manner involves multiple steps:


  • Developing test plans
  • Conducting tests
  • Interpreting results
  • Completing detailed analyses

Combustible Dust Testing

Combustible dust testing provides the basis for understanding the hazards of handling combustible dusts. Each dust compound has a unique physical and chemical characteristic. A good understanding of both is essential to discern the hazards, and ultimately the risks, associated with the dust being handled.

Combustible Dust Hazard Management (CDHM) takes many forms, all beginning with the characterization of specific dusts to define potential hazards. Most evaluations begin with the Explosion Severity Test to define the magnitude of a potential explosion and a Minimum Ignition Energy Test to define the type of ignition sources that need to be avoided. With these characteristics understood, appropriate preventions and mitigations can then be chosen. The choice of prevention and / or protection methods may define a need for further dust characterization using additional techniques.

We Can Help

We can help you to determine the level of analysis required for your specific needs. ioKinetic is fully accredited for ISO 17025 and uses ASTM compliant test equipment and procedures. We will provide you with cost effective test plans based on your specific operation. Call us at 1-844-ioKinetic to speak to an expert regarding your test plan development needs.